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My Visit to Salhiyah Clinic @SalhiyahClinic

إليكم بعض الصور من زيارتي لعيادة الصالحية في الكويت. تقع هذه العيادة في مجمع الصالحية التجاري في الدور الرابع من المدخل الرابع. صممت العيادة لتمزج ما بين التصميم القديم الكلاسيكي للطب من حيث بعض الديكورات و الصور و المعلقات و … Continue reading

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@SalhiyahClinic – The New & Hip Clinic in K-Town

You probably have seen the “Do Not Hide It” teasers a while back on newspapers, blogs, social media networks, and IMs via mobile devices… right? The ad revealers came out few days after those ads were circulated… explaining that you don’t have … Continue reading

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@DRIP_kwt Short Intense Fat Burning Beach Body Workout by Coach Duaa

Now this workout doesn’t require any equipment and it’s great to do if you don’t have time but still want to show on the beach! Try to do it 3 to 5 times a week: In & Out Squat Jumps (50 seconds) … Continue reading

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Whats Hot on @imsobeautifulq8

I came across this account when she left me a comment on one of my pictures, @imsobeautifulq8 – She is also a blogger – http://imsobeautiful.wordpress.com/ Why am I recommending you check and follow her account? Well she talk about makeup and beauty … Continue reading

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#AquaPlan Water Intake Planner

Last night I posted this picture on Instagram and got lots of positive feedback The picture is of a Water Drinking Planner App available at the AppStore (here) that I first read about it on Danderma’s. Its pretty straight forward … Continue reading

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#KrispyKreme Bran Basics

جديد من كريسبي كريم – دوناتس القمح من خيرات الطبيعة – في أحد منكم جربهم؟؟ My friend/Neighbor Essa told me about those Krispy Kreme new items made with Bran Basics made from “Nature’s Goodness” I wanted to try some, but … Continue reading

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Please help my friend out – its a health related survey 😉 CLICK HERE It wont take time 😉 I just did it…. and I hope you do too 😀

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From Dr. Oz’s 13 Miracles for 2013

Last night I was watching Dr. Oz on MBC4. The episode was 13 Miracles for 2013, and one of Dr. Oz Miracle Workers, Chris Powell, talked about what seemed to be an awesome weight loss plan, it was Miracle #7 … Continue reading

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Healthy Snacks Ideas?

What healthy snack do you enjoy the most? I have loads of ideas – when it comes to “healthy” cuz I can name few unhealthy ones if you want… LOL! Anyways, back to healthy… I like cottage cheese and cherry … Continue reading

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المهرجان العربي الرابع للرياضة للجميع‎ – @sportforallkw

  المهرجان العربي الرابع للرياضة للجميع‎ من ٢٥ إلى ٣٠ ديسمبر – الكويت  للمزيد من المعلومات Facebook https://www.facebook.com/sportforallkw Twitter @sportsforallkw Instagram @sportforallkw YouTube httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sskqjUSulCs (YouTube)

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