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@_21CARROTS_ Ramadan 2013 Edition

I was invited last week to 21 Carrots launch of Ramadan 2013 sweets and catering تمت دعوتي لحضور إطلاق المجموعة الرمضانية من ٢١ كاروتس  في مركز التسوق في برج الحمرا. كان مساء ممتعا التقينا فيه بأصحاب البوتيك و بالعديد من الزوار و رواد المركز التجاري. … Continue reading

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Dinner & Jazz at The Meat Co. @Mall360

Earlier last week I was contacted by the Lovely Razan from StickyGinger in Dubai to attend a blogger event at The Meat Co. Restaurant in Kuwait at 360 Mall, but due to prior plans, I could not make it… so they … Continue reading

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Spotted: McDonald’s ShareBox @McDonaldsArabia

While at McDonald’s I spotted this box It is called McDonald’s Share Box For KD5.500, you can share your meal with four (or more). The options are Chicken Share Box, Beef Share Box, and Bites Share Box. They come in … Continue reading

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Breakfast at @HarveyNichols Veranda

While I was shopping with Um3azoz a couple of days ago at The Avenues, we decided to have brunch at Veranda Cafe كنت أنا و صديقتي أم عزوز نتسوق في هارفي نكلز و قررنا نتريق في الفرندا – الكافي الموجود بالطابق … Continue reading

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The Early Bird #ebpickme @theearlybirdkw

The Early Bird is having an Instagram competition @theearlybirdkw under the hashtag #ebpickme. They are basically asking their Instagram followers/fans/restaurant visitors to hashtag their pictures with #ebpickme along with The Early Bird related picture(s) they take at their restaurants. They will pick … Continue reading

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Behind The Scenes with KFC @kfcarabia and @Cinemagics

Last month I posted a sneak peek of an upcoming TVC for a famous company (link) that Cinemagics invited me to attend, and today I am giving you more of the “Behind the Scenes” pictures of that TVC directed by … Continue reading

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New Blog Sponsor @MakiRest

I would like to welcome Maki, as a new blog sponsor to Ansam518 As you all may know by now, I have established relationship (an emotional one too) with the restaurant since their first branch in Salmiya 10 years ago … Continue reading

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#YallaNow @Pepsi_Arabia Download Session in Dubai @LeithMatthews

I have been chosen as Pepsi Arabia Influencer from Kuwait (brand ambassador for Pepsi Arabia) on Twitter. You can know more about me and other influencers here! So not too long ago, I went to Dubai to attend the download session … Continue reading

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Fashionet: Kuwait Prestigious Exclusive Event

Last night I passed by Fashionet’s Kuwait Prestigious Event held at Eninas Gallery at Al Tijaria Tower in Kuwait City I ran into lots of friends and people I know, and I met quite a few new people 😉 Loved the … Continue reading

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#AquaPlan Water Intake Planner

Last night I posted this picture on Instagram and got lots of positive feedback The picture is of a Water Drinking Planner App available at the AppStore (here) that I first read about it on Danderma’s. Its pretty straight forward … Continue reading

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