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Eid AlFitr Preparations – End Result

As promised in my Eid AlFitr Preparations post, I am sharing today the final look of my Eidiya this year! مثل ما وعدتكم في بوست سابق (اضغط هنا) اليوم بشارككم طريقة مبتكرة و بسيطة لتقديم العيدية What you’ll need Envelopes from Dar … Continue reading

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Eid AlFitr Preparations

Every now and then, I try to give Eidiya (Eid money giveaways) in a creative way (Check this post). I look for nice envelopes, seals, and sometimes mini gifts to go along with it. This year I bought an Eid … Continue reading

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Hi! I’m Dexter, How Can I Help You? @DeiraCityCtr @SharafDG

While shopping at Deira City Center in Dubai at Sharaf DG Electronics Shop (I believe that was the name) I could not help but notice how well organized and helpful the sales staff were! The store is divided into areas, … Continue reading

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Spotted: Giveaways Ideas

While in Kaifan Coop, I spotted those football team jersey-like packaged chocolates Reason why I posted about it is because I am often asked about giveaway ideas on kids birthdays, and I thought this was worth sharing… a ready packaged … Continue reading

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@LightBugKW & @ZainKuwait – Idea to Reality

I have a couple of pictures to share from Mr. Yarub Burhama… about #ZainNationalDay celebrations that I have posted about here & here! Expressive pictures… of idea to reality! Amazing work Light Bug <3 You can follow Light Bug on … Continue reading

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Healthy Snacks Ideas?

What healthy snack do you enjoy the most? I have loads of ideas – when it comes to “healthy” cuz I can name few unhealthy ones if you want… LOL! Anyways, back to healthy… I like cottage cheese and cherry … Continue reading

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After we came back from Hajj, our dear S.K. and R.N. gifted us some really thoughtful gifts! They were Quran and praying rug + cover set but in modernized covers! لما رجعنا من الحج قبل شهرين تقريبا العزيزة س.خ و … Continue reading

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Ramadan Gifts Ideas

أفكار و هدايا رمضانية جميلة تهدونها لمن تحبون بمناسبة الشهر الفضيل إن شاء الله – الأولى من  Give “with Love” بالتعاون مع  فرح الحميضي Pieces by Farah  للطلب 55266666   قبل ١٥ يوليو  Instagram: @give_with_love سيتم عرض الهدايا في كراميل في … Continue reading

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Sunshine Bling by Haniya

A while back I met Haniya – The lady behind Sunshine Bling to check out her business… My friend MayO. had told me about her business, a unique selection of luxurious wedding invites, special occasion favors and more! So we met … Continue reading

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My Eidiyah

Each Eid I like to hand in my Eidiya (money given away to kids and youngster in celebration of Eid) to the kids and younger ladies/gentlemen in a presentable way… most likely in an enveloped sealed with the recipient’s name on it. … Continue reading

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