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Petit Beurre and Tea

Lately I have been nostalgic… specially with food! Wimpy out of nowhere, and an afternoon with Petit Beurre from Kuwait Flour Mills & Bakeries Co. and hot cup of tea I was taking the pictures by myself… otherwise I would … Continue reading

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Healthy Snacks Ideas?

What healthy snack do you enjoy the most? I have loads of ideas – when it comes to “healthy” cuz I can name few unhealthy ones if you want… LOL! Anyways, back to healthy… I like cottage cheese and cherry … Continue reading

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@GloriaJeans_KWT Ramadan Delight Gift Basket

Almost a year back I got a HUGE basket from Gloria Jeans (link). The basket was full of treats and mainly concentrated on French Coffee in which they made a video for (link), and then later I posted about my French … Continue reading

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KiTCO Bites?

How come I never heard/or tried (till yesterday) this KiTCO bites snack? It is basically corn ball with real cheese 😉 I had one (Thanks Amooni) and it wasn’t bad at all… but not as good or close to this … Continue reading

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Hand Cooked Crisps

A while back I spotted a funky looking packaged chips at Starbucks under the brand name REAL Crisp Although the packaging is funky and inviting… I really wanted to try it, but I’m not a big fan of chips – … Continue reading

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