Whats Hot on @imsobeautifulq8

I came across this account when she left me a comment on one of my pictures, @imsobeautifulq8 – She is also a blogger – http://imsobeautiful.wordpress.com/

Why am I recommending you check and follow her account? Well she talk about makeup and beauty tips through her pictures… such as how to keep your brushes dust-free and how to arrange your makeup in a very nice way

Beauty tips, such as making your own lip scrub at home… which I have tried previously to be honest and it is good 😉

What food makes your skin glow

Different eyebrows shapes throughout time

Loving this hair trend… which kinda frame the face with lighter color! Hmmm tempted

How to apply blusher depending on your face shape

Magazine picks… such as MAC’s bests here

He own picks… Nars Bronzer 😉 I love it too

All pictures are taken from her instagram account @imsobeautifulq8 – follow her for more pictures and updates 😉

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