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Denim Library at Bloomingdale’s Dubai

I couldn’t resist… I just had to take a picture of this beautiful denim display, spotted at Bloomingdale’s at The Dubai Mall! Love it وايد حبيت طريقة عرض الجينزات في بلومينغديلز اللي في دبي مول

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Breakfast at Cavalli

Noufa and I decided to have breakfast at The Avenues last week, and upon arriving to the mall we decided to head to Cavalli Caffe located in the Grand Avenue The Caffe’s exterior (facade) is made with metallic 3D diamond … Continue reading

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My Visit to Salhiyah Clinic @SalhiyahClinic

إليكم بعض الصور من زيارتي لعيادة الصالحية في الكويت. تقع هذه العيادة في مجمع الصالحية التجاري في الدور الرابع من المدخل الرابع. صممت العيادة لتمزج ما بين التصميم القديم الكلاسيكي للطب من حيث بعض الديكورات و الصور و المعلقات و … Continue reading

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Retail @SomedayKW

As I was leaving Salhiya Complex, I ran into my friend Mohammed AlAsfour, who sitting outside Someday Cafe. He invited me in to check some of the new retail items they added. (Check my previous post about their cool stuff here … Continue reading

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Spotted: Nice Entrance at @The_Avenues

Check out those pictures of a nice magical at one of the entrances in The Avenues Mall <3 Is it finished? Completed? Still under constructions? I dont really know but I like it

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New Louis Vuitton Display with Calligraphy @MallofEmirates

My friend WJS took this picture of Louis Vuitton at the Mall of Emirates التقطت صديقتي هذه الصورة في مول الإمارات لبوتيك لوي فيتون  Louis Vuitton has involved Tunisian urban-calligraphy artist el Seed to reinterpret in his own inimitable Arabic “calligraphy” … Continue reading

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Brunch at @AlFanarDubai at @DFCDubai (Part II)

بعد الجولة في أجواء مطعم الفنر الخارجية في دبي فستيفال سيتي… ندخل المطعم After the quick tour in the outdoor seating area in AlFanar Restaurant, it was finally time for FOOD! المطعم من دخل مصمم على أساس إنكم قاعدين في حوش … Continue reading

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Spotted: @SaduHouse at @SciCenterKw

While at The Scientific Center yesterday, I spotted the Sadu House mobile chest that I posted about last year (link) It is basically a mini movable shop with merchandise of Sadu House, many items of which are their weaved sadu pieces, … Continue reading

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#WestElm Spring Savers – Ends Soon

In case you’re intrested, West Elm Spring Savers will end soon, save on home decor and shop at West Elm in The Grand Avenue for modern and stylish home furnishings 😉 Enjoy shopping peeps!

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Brunch at @AlFanarDubai at @DFCDubai (Part I)

لما رحت دبي فستيفال سيتي في دبي قررت إني أروح مطعم الفنر… المهم على يوم طافني الريوق فقررت أروح المطعم و أكل لي وجبة برنش – ما بين فترة الريوق و الغدا –  While touring Dubai Festival City, I decided … Continue reading

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