@SalhiyahClinic – The New & Hip Clinic in K-Town

You probably have seen the “Do Not Hide It” teasers a while back on newspapers, blogs, social media networks, and IMs via mobile devices… right?

The ad revealers came out few days after those ads were circulated… explaining that you don’t have to hide your flaws, because Salhiya Clinic will help you fix those flaws with their medical services ranging from laser hair removals, cosmetic dentistry, dermatology solutions, and more

The first ad that is coming out is this one, advertising their laser hair removal service in a very creative and comedic take! LOVE IT

The model in the ad is using oxygen treatment to hide her facial hair, whereas Salhiya Clinic is offering laser hair treatments with their latest equipment to remove that unwanted hair! I can’t wait to post more about their ads, as I have been to some of their photo shoots… and let me tell you, I am sold! In love with this clinic and their creative team <3 Oh and by the way…. check this post 😉 It was taken during one of their photo shoots


For more:

Website: http://alsalhiyaclinic.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SalhiyahClinic

Twitter @SalhiyahClinic

Instagram @salhiyahclinic

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