My Visit to Salhiyah Clinic @SalhiyahClinic

إليكم بعض الصور من زيارتي لعيادة الصالحية في الكويت. تقع هذه العيادة في مجمع الصالحية التجاري في الدور الرابع من المدخل الرابع. صممت العيادة لتمزج ما بين التصميم القديم الكلاسيكي للطب من حيث بعض الديكورات و الصور و المعلقات و لكن بنكهة حديثة و أجهزة متطورة. تختص هذه العيادة بالطب العام و تجميل الأسنان بالإضافة إلى مختلف العلاجات الجلدية التجميلية و العلاجية – قام بإعطائي كل من الفاضلة رزان الروضان و الدكتور ضرار الحميدي جولة في هذه العيادة الأكثر من رائعة – أتمنى أن تعجبكم هذه الجولة السريعة

I was invited yesterday to Tour the Salhiyah Clinic, the newly most talked about clinic that created a buzz with their recent ads, specially on Instagram. Anyways I headed there before noon and met with Ms. Razan AlRoudhan and Dr. Dherar AlHumaidi who gave me the grand tour

The clinic is located in AlSalhiya Complex, 4th floor from entrance 4

The first time I entered this clinic was way before it opened, when my friend Duha AlMutawa asked me to drop by and check her work out (she’s an interior designer). Back then I could not take any photos, and Duha really wanted my opinion! I loved it so much that the minute I entered I started having flashbacks! It looks more lively with doctors, staff, patients… Let me take you on a virtual tour in Salhiyah Clinic

I don’t know if those pictures will do the clinic any justice, because it was amazingly done to take you back in time! With all the industrial unfinished look, that is not overly done, with all the vintage posters of health care in Kuwait from back in time, ancient Arabic medicine posters, old school instruments, and more

The waiting area is anything but boring! I would not mind sitting there checking out posters and stuff hanged on the wall, or check that wall with vintage-y stuff while waiting for my appointment

Large brown leather sofas in the middle, with rustic looking mirror coffee tables, medical and regular magazines here and there… and loads of things to check out, all in dimmed light relaxed atmosphere

I think this is my favorite wall at the clinic with all those things in it used to give the place an extra feel that will take you back in timeWhat’s not to like here! The pieces here are gathered from all over the place… some pieces were brought from Asia… loads of things; books, pencils, Quran, scales, classical typewriter, yarns, and more

I can go on and on, so let me stop here and let’s check out the examination and treatments rooms 😉 Shall we?

First things first… Dental Services 😉 Dentist in charge is Dr. Reda Zalzale specialized in cosmetic dental care, which includes fillings, root canal treatments, gum treatments, extractions, oral surgery, cleaning, cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening, veneers, limners, laser gum bleaching, and dental implants

You will see from my pictures the clinic theme, with its classical look when it comes to the design as whole, a modern twist here and there, green wooden shutters, and state of the art modern equipment

Another examination room I checked out was the skin screening room for facials and related treatments

So do you get me when I say classical and old… that fan? that partition? The vintage pictures on the walls… don’t you just love it

X-Ray room… still you feel the tranquility and serenity of the place in this room

Laser treatment room – get rid of that unwanted hair 😉

Slimming machine

Facial skin screening that will give you facial analysis and proposed treatments too 😉

Okay, now I am going back to the interiors and design of the clinic… lots of vintage posters explaining the anatomy from back in time, picture with old instruments, and more

Oh and did I mentioned anything about their Ladies & Gents WCs???

And now pictures from the histroy healthcare in KuwaitFirst Dr. in Kuwait; Dr. Eleanor Calverley (Khatun Halima) shown in this picture with her daughter wearing traditional Kuwaiti clothes in 1915

أول دكتورة بالكويت – دكتورة اليانور كالفرلي و الملقبة بخاتون حليمه

 First Female Missionary Hospital in Kuwait – 1950

First Male Hospital in Kuwait – Circa 1912

An old school ambulance from back in time

Dr. Mary Bruins Allison treating a patient back in 1955

I love this picture… full of life and hope, isn’t it?

Old map showing the intersection of Fahad AlSalem St and Salhiya

An old poster showing eyes anatomy

Human body anatomy from back in time

Now this part of the clinic I have never been to before… it is more on the modern style! It is their dermatology clinic 😉

So what kind of services do they provide when it comes to dermatology? General dermatology with a wide range of skin condition treatments, such as eczema, acne, allergies, warts, hair loss/hair disorders, psoriasis, scar and keloid reduction, birthmark checking and removal, and rosacea. They also offer cosmetic dermatology with complete range of non-surgical cosmetic treatments like skin analysis, fillers, botox, skin rejuvenation, and more

I noticed they decorated the place with lots of (artificial) olive trees

Which I believe explains peacefulness, purity, and traditional treatments

LOVED the clinic, the tour, the atmosphere, and services provided.. I will be hopefully trying and probably reviewing some of it here on my blog

Thank You Razan & Dr. Dherar (and Salhiyah Clinic Team) for having me in the clinic 😉

For more, check out their website for more info here! As I mentioned above, they are located in Salhiya Complex, 4th floor from entrance 4 and their tel no. is 22996522 – You can follow them on Twitter @SalhiyahClinic and Instagram @salhiyahclinic for more updates and pictures. They are pretty responsive and interactive on their social media network. You can also LIKE their Facebook page 😉

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