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Banak in English?

I remember I, Danderma, and Mark all posted about this subject before… What is “Banak” in English? Any idea? عندكم فكرة عن اسم البنك بالإنجليزي؟ أو عن كيفية تحضيره و إعداده للاستهلاك؟؟ The closest I came to find were these … Continue reading

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I’m Back :D

Hey guys! Just wanted to tell you I am back to posting (you obviously know by now after my three posts earlier today) – sorry for the quick, much needed, break I took earlier this month – but I was … Continue reading

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Sorry I haven’t been posting much lately health reasons! I got vaccinated for Hajj around two weeks ago and it took a toll on me! I went through phases of fever going up and down, redness and swelling on my … Continue reading

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محمد بن راشد في الكويت

محمد بن راشد المكتوم يتجول في المباركية و من ثم يتعشى في دين أند ديلوكا في الأفنيوز Thanks Mariam A. 😉

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@bosammy – Awesome Pictures

I have always been a fan of @bosammy‘s photographs that he usually post on twitter/instagram/facebook! Very artistic and too good to be kept for myself 😉 So here are some random pictures I have taken from his collection with his own … Continue reading

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التقطت هذه الصورة يوم أمس لعروض رمضان والعيد في أحد المحلات بمدينة الكويت!! ناطرين عيد الأضحى مثلا؟ Yesterday, I spotted this banner outside a store in Kuwait City advertising special offers for Ramadan and Eid! Its either a very “Out … Continue reading

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من غير تعليق

ذبيحة سمك

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Spotted: Highland Water Price at AlShaya

Highland, one of UK’s largest bottled water companies who produce naturally sourced bottled water (on of my favorites actually), is being sold at Boots and Starbucks, both owned by AlShaya Company (also one of my favorite international franchise retailing companies in … Continue reading

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Always Remembered

اللهم ارحم كل من اشتاقت لهم ارواحنا وهم تحت التراب

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Ansam518 Last Week Digest

Heyall! Welcome back to work and to your desks! I hope you all had a wonderful long breaks 😉 For those who missed out on checking the blog during last week’s break, I have decided to make a mini reports … Continue reading

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