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The Early Bird #ebpickme @theearlybirdkw

The Early Bird is having an Instagram competition @theearlybirdkw under the hashtag #ebpickme. They are basically asking their Instagram followers/fans/restaurant visitors to hashtag their pictures with #ebpickme along with The Early Bird related picture(s) they take at their restaurants. They will pick … Continue reading

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An Account I LOVE on #Instagram is @muradosmann

Murad Osmann is an account I came to know about on Instagram via a shoutout of my friend Nouf H. He have stated on his bio that he is into producing music videos and commercials website, check http://www.hypepro.tv/ Anyways… his pictures are … Continue reading

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February 25th 2013 Full Moon

Using my Canon PowerShot SX30 IS, I took a few pictures of the full moon last night 😉 Enjoy

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While in an abandoned/under-construction areas, I tend to look around for picture opportunities, where I can find the beauty in damaged or abandoned things! Here are some pictures I have taken lately – with one-liners, and would love to know your … Continue reading

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Where Did @Q8Awal Disappear To?

A couple of days ago I started following @q8awal Instagram account and decided to write about it… today when I checked the account has disappeared! Any idea why?? Anyways… I have captured some pictures to share on my blog when … Continue reading

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@bosammy – Awesome Pictures

I have always been a fan of @bosammy‘s photographs that he usually post on twitter/instagram/facebook! Very artistic and too good to be kept for myself 😉 So here are some random pictures I have taken from his collection with his own … Continue reading

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@snaprint is now LIVE Online

For more info, click here

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The very kind team at Snaprint asked me to try out their website and print pictures on the house of my choice via their website http://www.snaprint.com.kw/ which will be launched soon The website is super user friendly… I had no problem going … Continue reading

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518 Everywhere!

Starting with @hamoudss picture, I present you with a new set of 518-ers 😉 Another picture sent to me with Two & a Half Men #518 house! Never gets old 😀 Zoona does really see #518 everywhere LOL! This time … Continue reading

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518 Everywhere!

Here comes a new “518 Everywhere” Post 😀 This is from the musical TV series SMASH! Zoona spotted the number “518” at the back and paused to snap this picture! If you have been following my “518 Everywhere” posts you would … Continue reading

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