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إلى بنت “ستارك” مع التحية

قبل أقل من أسبوع، وصلني تعليق هجومي من أحد المتابعات عندي على الانستغرام، قلت و الله زين هالمرة عالخاص… لأن لها سوابق و سبق أنها غلطت علي بتعليق شديد اللهجة على أحد الصور بألبومي بالانستغرام، و تجاهلت تعليقها و ترفعت … Continue reading

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لا يكلف نفسا إلا وسعها

حرارة آهتك لن تحرقك وجع قلبك لن يقتلك و دموع عينك لن تلسعك لأن الله تعالى “لا يكلف نفسا إلا وسعها” و مهما ضاق بك الألم سيسعك صبرك

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شهر أكتوبر الماضي، انتقلت أمي فطامي (فاطمة) العقيل إلى رحمة الله سبحانه و تعالى و لازلت أذرف الدمع على فراقها يوميا! تركت فراغ كبير لن يعوض بشيء! ألم فراق الأم مر و لا يمكن تجاوزه، و لكن علينا محاولة التعايش … Continue reading

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Standing in the Middle

One of the things I crossed off my Bucket List was visiting Greenwich and stand on both; the Eastern & Western hemispheres at the same time, specially after seeing pictures from my sister’s visit (Anfal) to it years back! DONE! … Continue reading

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Peanut Butter & Jelly Who?!

I admit! I have unique taste buds… I was gonna say weird, but unique is more like it! I went through phases in my life… Started of with extremely picky eater! Totally a different person today… I was a pain! No tomatoes, … Continue reading

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Its The 10th #518!

Can’t believe its been (a bit over) 10 years since I started blogging, and as of today I am planning to post more… one of my 2017 (belated) resolutions! So stay tuned… oh and Happy Birthday to me XD ما … Continue reading

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I’m Back!

So YES! 2016 here I come! I am planning to go back on blogging… but to blog just like the old days 😉 من أهدافي لسنة 2016 اني أرجع للمدونة بس بطريقتي الخاصة و الأقرب لبداياتي So What’s new with … Continue reading

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Happy 7th Anniversary to Ansam518

Thank you all for your continuous support and love! I have more to come this year inshallah 🙂 I promise to be more active here… on my blog <3 My first start <3

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Things to Consider Before You Pass a Judgment

I posted a picture of me having fun with a lion cub at the office from more than a year ago on my Instagram account! I reposted it a few days ago because I was talking about “Fun Times”, “Memorable … Continue reading

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518 Birthday Greetings by Others

I was so moved yesterday to see lots of reposts by my instagram family/friends/followers of the “Keep Calm” picture I posted Thank you all… I was very touched! I would also like to thank all those who posted personal pictures … Continue reading

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