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I Found Nemo (& Dory) in Kuwait!

Spotted! Nemo & Dory at Terra Garden in AlRai, Kuwait صورة نادرة تجمع نيمو مع دوري في الكويت في محل تيرا غاردن بالري

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Dabbur Zann

Dabbur Zann comes from an Arabic proverb, Egyptian to be specific; “The buzzing of the wasp brought destruction to its own nest. It’s funny I heard it first time on the TV Series Blindspot! Here is a 16 second video … Continue reading

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Funny Signs

My friend JustNoon tagged me on a picture that @BanatZayed posted on Instagram I have been posting pictures, random pictures of that “Assembly Point” sign I see everywhere (click here), and I explained that although it is serious, but the sign … Continue reading

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What’s Your Take on Salhiyah Clinic Ads? @SalhiyahClinic

Interested to know your opinion about Salhiyah Clinic Ads? We are getting mixed reviews and opinions about them! What do I think? Well, I think they are new, bold, creative, and self explanatory… A picture is really worth a thousands words … Continue reading

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Lost in Translation!

Call Taxi….. أجرة تحت التلب 

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Lost in Translation

As received: (مكسرات مشكلة) which means Mixed Nuts was translated to Nuts Problem here 😉 Seriously?

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مسامير – مثقفجي @Masameer_tv

مسامير برنامج كرتوني كوميدي سعودي على يوتيوب يجمع الكاتب فيصل العامر بالمخرج والرسام مالك نجر، يتناول القضايا الاجتماعية وتعتبر قناته رابع أعلى قناة في عدد المشتركين من السعودية My friend Alfa+ introduced me to those mini series on YouTube called … Continue reading

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ادلع ياعريس وعروستك نايلون

ادلع ياعريس وعروستك نايلون  غناء وكلمات الفنان …أحمد القلاف httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MI_Dnn2xstA (YouTube) عطانى حبيبى درباحه رحت ألعب بالبراحه طقنى خالى بمسباحه وانا جسمى نايلون بنايلون *****  عطانى حبيبى تيلة روز رحت أكسر فيها يوز طقتنى وحده عيوز وضروسها نايلون بنايلون ***** … Continue reading

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Stickers on Cars

I have never been a fan of people with BIG and blingy car stickers and crystals! I do not mind the cars with tiny little flags or symbols… but the big and visible ones just annoy me! I do not … Continue reading

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Random Thought!

As received – Pizza!!! It is round in shape, served in a square box and cut into triangular slices. I’m confused 😛

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