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What Real Wasabi Look Like

Spotted this funky looking real wasabi plant at Yuba Suhi in Crystal Tower and thought of sharing it with you all. Do you wanna have a bite of that? 😛 هذا شكل نبتة الواسابي الأصلي… شفته بمطعم يوبا سوشي في برج … Continue reading

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Banak in English?

I remember I, Danderma, and Mark all posted about this subject before… What is “Banak” in English? Any idea? عندكم فكرة عن اسم البنك بالإنجليزي؟ أو عن كيفية تحضيره و إعداده للاستهلاك؟؟ The closest I came to find were these … Continue reading

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Blogs I Like

Not too long ago, I met the face behind It All Grows Blog – a young Kuwaiti lady who is very much into growing plants in her own garden – it talks about all the challenges and joys of gardening … Continue reading

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