@bosammy – Awesome Pictures

I have always been a fan of @bosammy‘s photographs that he usually post on twitter/instagram/facebook! Very artistic and too good to be kept for myself 😉 So here are some random pictures I have taken from his collection with his own captions! Amazing or what?

Jumping into the Potomac Great Falls – Virginia USA

Phone Call/Resting/Conversation – Kuwait

A Balancing Act – Kuwait

Shoes – Prague 3/2012

Souq Wajef – Doha, Qatar


Dragonfly – Kuwait

Bubbleman – Prague

Sunglasses – نظارة شمسية

We Chat – Prague

Waiting for a haircut – Kuwait

A lunch with Mickey and Minnie – Palo Alto – California

Give me a moment, let me think about it

Just a few of many fabulous pictures from Bosammy 😉

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