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Banak in English?

I remember I, Danderma, and Mark all posted about this subject before… What is “Banak” in English? Any idea? عندكم فكرة عن اسم البنك بالإنجليزي؟ أو عن كيفية تحضيره و إعداده للاستهلاك؟؟ The closest I came to find were these … Continue reading

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My @GTHydroQ8 Basil Bloomed

On June 5th, 2012 I started my #AeroGarden (link) 😉 And a couple of days ago I posted on my Instagram a couple of pictures of my blooming basils, which is a sign that my basils are shutting down and started the … Continue reading

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@GTHydroQ8 Gourmet Herbs Salad

Last June I got an AeroGarden as a gift from @GTHydroQ8 and they gave me different kits! I started with the Gourmet Herbs! I have been enjoying my herbs in making salads, herbal teas, cooking, or simply used as a garnish! … Continue reading

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My AeroGarden @GTHydroQ8 Crops – Basils

About a month ago, I got a gift from (link) And now I am enjoying some of its crops 😉 Basil With soup And Spaghetti More pictures to come 😉 Stay tuned   You can know more about them by … Continue reading

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Kindly help fill out this survey about shopping for fruit & veggies 😉 It will mean a lot to me (link)   Thanks a whole bunch 😉

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Spotted: Pineberries in Harrod’s

My friend Manar B. snapped this picture of Pineberries in Harrod’s – London! Pineberry is a strawberry cultivar publicized in Eastern Germany in April, 2009, as Ananaserdbeere, or pineapple strawberry. It is a hybrid of Fragaria chiloensis, originating in South America, … Continue reading

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Mimosa Pudica – The Sensitive Plant

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BLTcVNyOhUc (YouTube) نبات ميموسا بوديكا… تعرف أيضاً هذه النبتة باسم النبتة الخجولة لأن إنك إذا قمت بلمسها ستنكمش على نفسها (تنكمش أوراقها) ولن تعود إلى حالتها إلا إذا تركتها لبضع دقائق Mimosa Pudica (from Latin: pudica “shy, bashful or shrinking”; also called … Continue reading

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@GTHydroQ8 : AeroGarden

تم إرسال هدية لي من شركة جرين تاتش هيدروبونيكس عبارة عن حديقة زراعية صغيرة مع بعض البذور لزراعتها بهذا الجهاز من غير تربة و لكن عن طريق الماء و مواد غذائية مضافة للماء! إخترت زراعة الأعشاب كبداية لي و ساقوم … Continue reading

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Blogs I Like

Not too long ago, I met the face behind It All Grows Blog – a young Kuwaiti lady who is very much into growing plants in her own garden – it talks about all the challenges and joys of gardening … Continue reading

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