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محمد لويس – البمبره

Stand-up Comedy Kuwaiti Style… back in the golden days 😉 httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GwwbeB-xQeY (YouTube) Thanks Alfa+ 😉

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My Last Lunch in 2012 at @Shuffleq8

For my last lunch in 2012 I decided to try Shuffle Restaurant in Jabriya with my friend! The place is designed to be out of order! I mean it is not my taste, but it fits with their theme perfectly! … Continue reading

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خالد عبدالجليل وأباط الطقاقة شكرية/شوق

No Comment! But I must admit… she’s funny! LOL httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5sV_TeDyN0U (YouTube)

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زيارة النادي الدبلوماسي الدولي لبيكار @BecarreLS

قام النادي الدبلوماسي الدولي بدعوة السيدات الفاضلات منتسبات النادي الدبلوماسي الدولي بالكويت لزيارة معرض بيكار في السالمية للإطلاع على مقتنيات المعرض من مبتكرات تعكس الهوية الكويتية The International Diplomatic Club invited the ladies members and friends of the club to … Continue reading

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Up For an Audition?

If you love music and want to perform to live audience, then this is your chance! They are looking for Kuwaiti singers (and singers from other nationalities) to perform in a concert next May 2013! If you know for sure … Continue reading

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@KarrouhatStudio Videos

Fun happy music for the soul by Karrouhat Studio in which I came to know about when I did my #PeaceOneDayKuwait Sneak Peek few days ago 😉 Enjoy! httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HPOrJLi-V8k (YouTube) Twitter @KarrouhatStudio Facebook (Like) YouTube http://www.youtube.com/KarrouhatStudio

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The Loft Dispensary by @nasque

My friend Nasque of the Loft965 sent me an email earlier this month informing me of the launch of his new side project The Loft Dispensary in which he posted about on his blog (link) What is this project about? Well basically it’s … Continue reading

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Talent: @Alaa_Wardi

My friend Alfa+, one of my good good friends who’s got a great taste in music and who always appreciate art/music in all its aspects, shared with me a couple of interesting videos of a talented 25 year old Iranian … Continue reading

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A BIG Thank You Goes To….

@EdenSalonSpaKw + @KoutFoodGroup + @fursa_q8 😀 You guys are super sweet, creative, and so so thoughtful! Eden Salon & Spa delivered a bag of things that I love! Things that I like 😉 A voucher for reflexology massage for hands and … Continue reading

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Madonna Tour 2012: Abu Dhabi

My dear dear Khalid B. attended Madonna Concert in YAS Arena in Abu Dhabi and snapped some cool cool pictures of the event that I will be sharing with you on my blog today 😉 Thanks Khalid B. 😉 To begin … Continue reading

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