My Last Lunch in 2012 at @Shuffleq8

For my last lunch in 2012 I decided to try Shuffle Restaurant in Jabriya with my friend!

The place is designed to be out of order! I mean it is not my taste, but it fits with their theme perfectly! How? Well, its called Shuffle for a reason šŸ˜‰ There were plastic chairs with their crowned chimp logo on top of red velvet seating sofa… tables were black leather and steel, leopard print chairs, and to the side golden mirrors, different designs of course, with golden leather-like seats! Chaotic! I must admit my favorite part of the design is the screen that goes around in somewhat 270 degrees all around with a nice selection of music, which is also a shuffle and remixes, adding few famous quotes from Kuwaiti classical plays mixed with techno and classical music! It was just different – here is a video that BananaQ8 took himself there



Anyways, back to our lunch… we ordered two diet pepsi.. again, its all shuffled! Pay attention to the vase-like cups and the plates that the food was served on! All shuffled, no specific theme or design! They did well shuffling things up – even if it’s not your taste, its just a shuffle themed restaurant

We ordered two appetizers to share… Popcorn Shrimp and some sort of fried chickenĀ dumplings! I forgot to take a note of the names of our dishes, but the pictures willĀ Ā do it for you! I didnt like the chicken one much, but the shrimps were good! I even tried them with the sweet chili sauce served with the dumplings, and they tasted well

One thing I did not like is that they were not so flexible with giving me sweet potato fries with my burger instead of regular french fries, and instead brought it as an extra side dish! Taste-wise? I liked it so much! They added some sort of spices on top which gave it a kick and another taste

My friend ordered the Shuffle Burger with regular fries, and I ordered the Shuffle Classic (or maybe it is the other way around) – anyways… mine had guacamole with it and marinara sauce. I asked them to serve the Marinara on the side

Both burgers were juicy, the beef was tender and cooked to our taste, medium. The juices were retained with in, and the sauces did not overpower the main taste of the beef. The buns were okay!

I am looking forward to my next visit and maybe try something other than burgers, if I can resist’em… LOL!


Here are few pictures I have taken from their Instagram account

The design and seating area, and the outdoor… lit at night

The logo

And in my opinion, the design looks better at night

Shuffle Restaurant is located in Jabriya facing 4th Ring Road – TelĀ Ā 55717133 / 22230813





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