Talent: @Alaa_Wardi

My friend Alfa+, one of my good good friends who’s got a great taste in music and who always appreciate art/music in all its aspects, shared with me a couple of interesting videos of a talented 25 year old Iranian musician called Alaa Wardi who is currently living in Saudi Arabia! Wardi studied music and sound engineering in Amman, Jordan.

 His YouTube bio goes: Each person is a walking song. Our heartbeat, our breath, our laugh, our yells and screams all together tells a story that differs from person to person yet we can all relate to. That is why music has no race or religion, no age nor job. It is a universal house and anybody is invited inside. So wipe your feet and enter our house of spiritual communication and language and forget about everything for one second and let us take you on a journey. (Sarah Salah)

Anyways, I watched few of his videos and wanted to share some with you on my blog 😉 Enjoy!







You can follow him on twitter @Alaa_Wardi – Facebook (LIKE)  – YouTube (Subscribe)



Thanks Alfa+ 😉


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