A BIG Thank You Goes To….

@EdenSalonSpaKw + @KoutFoodGroup@fursa_q8 😀 You guys are super sweet, creative, and so so thoughtful!

Eden Salon & Spa delivered a bag of things that I love! Things that I like 😉 A voucher for reflexology massage for hands and feet + fly ties + lip balm + Cold Cup/Tumbler branded with their logo along with cold cup straw! Do they know me or what???

I loved all of the above! I love love fly ties… I am heavy coffee drinker, and this cup is perfect for the summer (I love going green), the lip balm for our lovely harsh summer… and massage! You guys hit the spot JUST right 😉

Now Ayyame from Kout Food Group! They sent out a CD with their spring mix! It was nice change for me since I listen to very traditional kind of music most of the time – it gave a new atmosphere, and now my nephews would not have a reason to make fun of my music selection in my car 😉 Thanks guys

And Fursa!! You really guys took the extra mile to come up with such a goody bag!! The time and effort you put together to present such an amazing invitation cannot go unnoticed!

The invitation card itself is cute as a button! An old Ramadan favorite character for many with a tagline that matches the size of your small cozy store…. the brown paper bag, that shows simplicity and the leather-esque ribbon! It was fabulously presented… now lets check the contents

Traditional soap, oud (perfume), the magical lipstick, Islamic rosary, Arabian coffee mix…. along with tips and directions for each item (wish you added that in Arabic text too) – it was too cute!

The way its all written put a smile on my face… it was really nicely done! Kudos

Specially the coffee… info, tips, directions, and etiquette to drink Arabian coffee! A job well well done

Thank you guys! Amazing thoughtful gifts/ideas/invitations…. 😀

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