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@6alabat going T

موقع 6alabat.com   أصبح الآن  Talabat.com  لنرحب بالتغيير Yes ladies & gentlemen…. 6alabat is going Talabat Why? Well…. the non-Arabic speakers found 6alabat.com problematic. To them it was “six-alabat”…. Well it’s all a whole lot clearer. 6alabat.com is now Talabat.com When … Continue reading

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Banta Online @Banta_kwt

Banta, an affordable line of furniture, is now available for you to shop online from the comfort of your house بنتا – المعروف بتصنيع و بيع الأثاث بأسعار تنافسية – يتيح لكم الفرصة بالتسوق علىالانترنت الآن من خلال موقعهم http://www.banta.com.kw/ … Continue reading

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The Launch of HbyF @FahadAlMarzouq at @KARKOOSHA

HbyF launched yesterday their summer 2012 collection on KARKOOSHA You can check out my previous post about his collection here and check out the different bags/styles of HbyF Enjoy shopping 😉

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Atelier Catherine Membré

I have received an email earlier this month from Atelier Catherine Membré informing me of a release of a new item on their website It is a set for classy and fashionable moms, the Woman & Baby Set, a product made … Continue reading

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For Sale: Oversize Sequin Print Dress

I mistakenly bought two of this Emma Cook Shift Dress in Oversize Sequin Print from ASOS (link) My order took over a month to get here between getting lost in transition, refund, another transaction, lots of headache – and worse!! So … Continue reading

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Be a Trendsetter With @BoutiqueTutu

Nathalie… raised in Kuwait until she moved off to Miami for college and did her thing! She recently launched Boutique Tutu Boutique Tutu’s main motto is to have their clients be trendsetters with bold and unique pieces! What do they

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I Like: @Taw9eel Delivery Cars

I spotted Taw9eel‘s delivery car (mini van) at the traffic light and quickly snapped this picture Very clean and clear design with all the contact information needed 😉 Here is the same image zoomed in on the contact info 😉 … Continue reading

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Panacheous: New Arrivals

I got this email from Panacheous earlier last week:     “Please Join us for a romp through the charms of Dickensian fashion. Come experience a bygone era of treasures & romance. In this collection, Victorian inspirations indulge in whimsical silhouettes for … Continue reading

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Shopping Website in KTown

The three shopping websites that sells contemporary designs that I like in Kuwait are Closet Candy – gojiboutique – & Pink Moon! I browse those sites while I am comfortable that they wont rip me off with ridiculous prices! Here are some … Continue reading

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Bogsha Digital Exhibition is Now ON

Remember when I posted about Bogsha’s Digital Exhibition last month? Well guess what? They are live now and going to be digitally available for you for the next coming four days 😀 I browsed through their website and its pretty … Continue reading

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