@6alabat going T

أصبح الآن 
لنرحب بالتغيير

Yes ladies & gentlemen…. 6alabat is going Talabat

Why? Well…. the non-Arabic speakers found 6alabat.com problematic. To them it was “six-alabat”…. Well it’s all a whole lot clearer. 6alabat.com is now Talabat.com

When the food ordering portal first started taking orders back in 2004 they wanted to use talabat.com but it was already taken, so they used 6alabat.com instead, figuring it gave the same effect. Eight years later and the site is booming and expanding and what better way to move forward than to secure the domain they originally wanted? They finally tracked down the owner of the domain this year and are now the proud owners of both domains – type either into your browser and you’ll be ordering from your favorite restaurant in no time.


It’s been a big year for them. Not only did they rename, rebrand and refine their services here in Kuwait, but they’ve also expanded their operations to four new countries. The people of KSA, UAE, Bahrain, and Oman can now enjoy the benefits and ease of ordering that talabat.com have worked so hard to perfect over the years; it is safe to say that Talabat has established themselves as the number one destination for hungry web- connected Kuwait residents. To ensure this, they have established offices in each new country staffed with locals who have the knowledge and understanding needed for that country’s culinary destinations.


Feeling hungry? Head over to www.Talabat.com and access the most comprehensive and trusted portal of restaurants delivering meals in Kuwait. Follow Talabat on twitter @talabat.

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