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Alteration at Your Doorstep

Not too long ago, my Hermes top sleeve ripped open! قبل فترة افتل الخياط من كم قميص ايرميز عندي I took it to Hermes Boutique in AlHamra, and they said they have to ship it to Paris for fixing and … Continue reading

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Q8 Grand Limo Service

I was happy when my dear friend Sheikha AlAjran told me about this Uber-like service in Kuwait, specially when I needed it the most (I have a broken toe + our driver is on vacation) and decided to try it … Continue reading

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Cooking a la Pantry Bee Way

Pantry Bee is one of the small businesses I’ve tried and loved (and got addicted to it too)! It is run by a young group of three Kuwaiti entrepreneurs with a love for cooking and sharing recipes! The idea was inspired by Blue … Continue reading

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Kuwait Post Office

From experience, the few times I dealt with Kuwait’s postal service were fairly pleasant. I have, in the past, ordered from sites in the States and got my packages delivered to Kaifan Post Office… if they need inspection, they’ll do it … Continue reading

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عيادي عيد الفطر

كما وصلني… يرجى العلم أن يومي الجمعة و السبت سوف نقوم بخدمتكم  بتوفير العيادي بمناسبة عيد الفطر السعيد لعملاء بنك الكويت الوطني و جميع البنوك الأخرى لعملائنا و غيرهم الذين لم يتمكنوا من الحصول عليها من خلال فروعنا. ستتوفر العيادي … Continue reading

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While in London, I was given a SIM card to use by Telfoni. It is basically a mobile operator in the UK offering mobile and data services to customers in the UK السنة الماضية استخدمت كرت تيلفوني لجهازي النقال و أنا … Continue reading

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Drop of Change

قبل يومين زرت مركز قطرة من التغيير بناء على طلب مني و ليس بدعوة منهم… فهو مركز غير ربحي و ما كانوا يدورون دعاية أو إعلان… بس أنا بصراحة سمعت عنه و حبيت أستفسر أكثر و اتصلت بالمسؤولين و حددت … Continue reading

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Akil Baity @akilbaity

Just stumbled upon this website called Akil Baity, which works on connecting you with a variety of home made food services in Kuwait, making it accessible for you to pick from a variety of home made food businesses in town from … Continue reading

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عند الإشارة تكون الساعة

I know this is way too random of a post, but I called 113 – the number you call to know current local time in Kuwait and it turned out that the time announcement is now in English and Arabic! … Continue reading

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The Cheesecake Factory Sweetest Delivery @AlshayaHelpDesk

New from The Cheesecake Factory; Delivery of 7″ and 10″ cheesecakes from their bakery to your door – to selected areas only (Jabriya, Surra, Shuwaikh, Adailiya, Shamiya, and Yarmouk) – Call 22283444 ألان ممكن أن تستمتع بتشيزكيك – قياس ٧ … Continue reading

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