For Sale: Oversize Sequin Print Dress

I mistakenly bought two of this Emma Cook Shift Dress in Oversize Sequin Print from ASOS (link)

My order took over a month to get here between getting lost in transition, refund, another transaction, lots of headache – and worse!! So I am not willing to send it back to them – instead I am putting it on sale on my blog!

The dress was selling for GBP340, but I got it for GBP170 – which is around KD75

So if you are interested, I am selling this dress (which is currently out of stock at their website) for KWD70 – The dress is made of 70% cotton and 30% silk with large sequin print and it is size UK10! If interested, leave me a comment with your real email address and I will email you back and arrange for it 😉

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