Bogsha Digital Exhibition is Now ON

Remember when I posted about Bogsha’s Digital Exhibition last month?

Well guess what? They are live now and going to be digitally available for you for the next coming four days 😀

I browsed through their website and its pretty cool! The theme is very pop-art-sy with vintage like classical movie posters in the main page 😉

Its categorized to accessories, clothing, shoes, exhibitors, and lifestyle… scrolling over them gives them color! LOVE IT! And when going on shopping for different categories you can browse items by prices too!

I already shopped and placed an order from Shadia 😛 Opps! I mean the Lifestyle section and will be getting these soon inshallah (UD makeup) 😀 (wish they had Urban Decay Book of Shadows palette) – although more than double the original prices from the US I really wanted them :S

For more, check it out here, or go on Facebook and LIKE their page & follow them on Twitter @Bogsha

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