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Diet Care Went HAKA!

Diet Care arranged an event titled “Do you haka? We haka. Let’s haka.” I got my invitation via Binsirri PR – in which they included a video of the Haka for us httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w5hP0kBQxB0 (YouTube)   So What is Haka? Haka … Continue reading

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Off to Dubai For The #PUMAT7 Event

I am off to Dubai (in about an hour from now) for the #PUMAT7 Event 😉 I will be updating you from Twitter @Ansam518 as much as I can + Updated post(s) when I come back! Stay Tuned Ta Ta … Continue reading

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Nour AlOsta: Young Gymnast from Kuwait

لاعبة الجمباز نور الأسطى هي احدى المواهب الكويتية الواعدة. حققت انجازات جمة، من بينها فوزها بثلاث ميداليات ذهبية في آخر ثلاث بطولات اولاها البطولة العربية، التي اقيمت في سوريا وبطولة اليونان وبطولة روسيا الدولية، وغيرها Link! I read about Nour on 7ajiDude … Continue reading

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Royce Gracie at SIDEKICK Academy

I was invited by the @SidekickAcademy to shoot some pictures of their class earlier this month trained by the UFC legend Royce Gracie the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner. Mr. Gracie and Mr. Abdulmohsen AlBabtain, the founder and head instructor at SIDEKICK, were nice enough to … Continue reading

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Dog invades the field and the crowd yells “Ole”

يبدو وأن كل شيء في البرازيل يجيد المراوغة حتى الكلاب!.. إذ قام كلب باقتحام أرض ملعب مباراة سانتا في وبوتافوجو في البرازيل ليوقف المباراة والنتيجة تشير إلى تقدم سانتا في برباعية نظيفة.   وفشل الأمن البرازيلي تماماً في الإمساك بالكلب … Continue reading

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Transform Your Bodies Into Fat Burning Machines

Burning 2000 calories… different method 😛 httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=To2hgLqjZh0 (YouTube) Thanks Pablo 😉    

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Reebok RealFlex Commercial

Gotta love Reebok’s commercial for RealFlex ’76 Buddies’ – specially at time 0:37 when they all go “H2O” hahahahaha!!! Nice buddies to have with you while running 😛 As per their website, the 76 RealFlex sensors are supposed to work … Continue reading

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  The Flying Start series was a dream realized, a brainchild of passionate Kuwaiti Triathelets and the execution and organization of the first sports management company in Kuwait ProVision! For more info, click on the flyer below Anyways, I wanted to … Continue reading

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Supporting AlAzrag ;)

Ansam518 Support Alazrag all the way from home tonight inshallah 😀 (Got my Jersey from Soccer Scene on my birthday last year) httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_6NGEKn20jM (YouTube) httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X0oqDsl34AE (YouTube)  

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فعاليات المشي في رمضان

It looks like Dr. Abdullah AlMutawa (@DrAlmutawa), the dietitian, is organizing exercising walks in malls of Kuwait during Ramadan… here is a report done by Alazeera Sports TV on the issue 😉 Nice move httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ELrsTjDIHvk (YouTube)   تقرير علي احمد … Continue reading

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