Royce Gracie at SIDEKICK Academy

I was invited by the @SidekickAcademy to shoot some pictures of their class earlier this month trained by the UFC legend Royce Gracie the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner.

Mr. Gracie and Mr. Abdulmohsen AlBabtain, the founder and head instructor at SIDEKICK, were nice enough to allow me take a picture of them together and the training/class to share on my blog 🙂

Lets go in… shall we?

To begin with, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a martial art and a combat sport that teaches self defense by focusing on grappling. It basically teaches that a smaller/weaker person can successfully defend against a bigger/stronger assailant by leveraging proper techniques to defeat that other person (link)

Mr. Gracie, along with other instructors, were walking around giving guidelines in the training class

I was watching from behind the glass partition… along with few others. It was all new to me to be honest!

Intermission were taken in between to show some techniques and different moves

Honestly speaking… attention were given fairly to all… it was awesome

A very nice young man took my camera with him and shot a few pictures from the inside… Thank you 🙂

For more on SIDEKICK Academy, you can check their website (link) – LIKE them on Facebook, they have quite the collection of pictures and lots of information there too – Follow them on Twitter @SidekickAcademy for more updates – Watch some of their videos on their YouTube Channel 😉


Royce Gracie Twitter @RealRoyce



Thank you Fatma B. for arranging it – and Thank you SIDEKICK for having me over 😉


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