Chef Mimi’s in Vietnam – Part II

Continuing the journey from my previous post (link), Chef Mimi and Haya were getting ready to go to Da Lat… waiting for their Night Bus!

Here is the pit stop at around 3:00AM – the girls were having chicken rice soup!

This is how the Night Bus looks…. and off they are on their way to Da Lat

Now check this out… The second largest coffee plantation/producer in Vietnam in Da Lat!

This is an up-close of a coffee plant…


They have also stopped by a grasshopper farm… have you ever tried eating grasshoppers? I am telling you this is one helluva trip! 😉

Anyways… back to coffee! Let’s talk coffee now 😉 I got some interesting pictures coming up! So here are some of the coffee beans from the plantation! Its a pretty picture

And this… do you know what kind of animal is this? Its a weasel/civet… do you know why I posted this picture of the weasel/civet?

Those animals feed on berries, fruit, seeds, and beans! So they eat the coffee beans.. the fruity part of it is what they feed on, the actual beans spend about a day and a half in their digestive tract, where the beans are then defecated (pooped out) in clumps with part of the fleshy fruit inner layers…. they are gathered, washed, sun dried, and roasted given only a light to keep the many intertwined flavors within! (Link)

And here is Chef Mimi drinking…. well, that’s just some sort of Vietnamese Iced Coffee at the plantation 😛

Anyways… back to walking around and roaming, Chef Mimi tried to snap a picture of some school kids on the way… they ran away from her camera 😛

Anyways… here is a picture of Elephant Waterfalls, a rare landscape in Lam Dong province

Visitors usually climb down cliffs to the foot of this waterfall with the caves hidden behind those cliffs!

Beautiful area… Isn’t it? I guess when you make it to the bottom is the time you can feel its height and beauty…. have a fresh splash on your face 🙂

What else do I have for you in this post! Hmmmm…. a stop they made at a silk factory maybe 😉 As you can see… the old method of removing silk from cocoons is still used!




Some hand made decorations too

Where are we going next? Another bus trip – this time to Nha Trang 😉 Stay tuned!

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