Sneak Peek: @ZeriCrafts at @SaduHouse Tonight

I was at Sadu House earlier today and was able to get a sneak peek at Zeri Crafts exhibition that will be taking place this afternoon there from 5:00PM-8:00PM 😉 The exhibition will continue till May 9th: May 8th  from 9:00AM – 1:00PM and from 4:00PM to 8:00PM and May 9th 9:00AM to 1:00PM

I was there during their set up and got a chance to talk to Ms. Laila AlHamad, who explained the concept to me! The name Zeri itself refers to the gold threads that embellishes the traditional gowns… a simple black abaya can turn into a new different lively piece with zeri in it, right? 😉 What did they do this time? Breathe a new life into the traditional looking sadu through a collaboration with Carol Cassidy on a collection of woven items inspired by the Kuwaiti bedouin weaving, fusing the luxurious quality of Lao weaving with the different striking patterns of Sadu…

They are also showcasing a “Mabkhar” (picture above and below) designed for Zeri Crafts and was unveiled at Nedda El-Asmar’s London exhibition “The Passion of Simplicity”.

Inspired by the striking geometric patterns  of gulf architecture, this icon of Gulf culture blends beauty, function and sculptural form, further enriching the Gulf ritual of incense burning.

And below are a sneak peek of the woven items to be shown this afternoon in the exhibition… Enjoy the pictures – and pass by to check it out in person! Its beautiful

Thats the packaging below 😉 neat isn’t it?

Do not miss it 😉 For more follow them on twitter @ZeriCrafts

And follow Sadu House on Twitter @SaduHouse for more pictures and events updates 😉


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