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I was invited by Club Fit, personalized men training center in Kuwait, to visit and check out the facility. Being a men health club, I dropped by on their off day and met Mr. Abdullah AlAskari who talked to me in details about the club. I must admit that the club exceeded my expectations! The place looked super neat and clean!

I felt the design is very New York-esque with the colors picked – calm white and grey mostly, with wood, and orange for energy boost ūüėČ

Nice touches added here and there to add life to the place

Protein and smoothies bar for the clients

Toilets and locker room super simple and spaced out… I really liked the design and interior of this club!

AlAskari have been into sports since a very young age. He also trained as a free lancer in the States for a while before moving back to Kuwait. He did personal training for 7-8 years in Kuwait as a freelance job, but came to realize that trainers, clients, and facilities in Kuwait lack the knowledge, know-how, the techniques, and many were not aware of all updates in the health/fitness world when it comes to new routines, new supplements, nutritional tricks, and so on.. even worse, is when you join in a gym and the trainers at the facility are not certified or with limited experience. Clients wont benefit much when they are paying a lot of money for it! When they are spending hours at the gym and not really benefiting or noticing changes… He felt it was about time that he start something and open a fitness club with no guessing, no ready made templates, with each client being treated as a¬†separate¬†case, workout routines and nutritional plans are personalized to each client.


So how does it all start?

Clients are booked for consultation sessions to do full body measurements with a device called body stats (body fat, water weight, muscle mass, bone density) in addition to actual measurements of hip, waist, chest… all of that, and body weight on a scale of course. Clients are then asked to fill in a detailed questionnaire which tell us more about the client habits (work, eating, activities, medications, health) + the clients ¬†goal – the more information provided to the trainer, the easier it is to work it out. Then the client is taken to the gym and perform a few tests on the treadmill, agility,¬†flexibility, strength, and speed tests – this will help us as trainer to categorize our client as a beginner, way out of shape, super athlete, or fit… And then the program is built and catered to each client to fully benefit from it.

Tell me about your trainers?

Our trainers are hand-picked from more than one thousand resumes, university degree holders in sports sciences, certified in nutrition, and all are committed professional athletes. The head-trainer never impose his own style of training on the trainers at the club. In the end we are all professionals and to each his style and ways of training.

What about your clients?

Our clients are diverse; athletes, with special needs, obsessed, overweight, or those who wants to keep fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle. When a trainer is assigned to a client, the trainer is committed to him and wont change unless the client request that (and we have not faced this problem to-date).

What if a trainer or a client goes on leave?

If the trainer goes on leave, we email his clients and ask them if they like to train with someone else or wait for their trainer to come back. And since we have records of all our clients, it wont be really a problem for another trainer to follow up during this time. Our trainers are really involved in the session, rather than just sitting on the bench watching and giving tips randomly! They will be with you on the machines and showing you the right way/technique to do things at the gym… all those details make quite the difference when it comes to end results. Now when a client goes out of town, we search the city/hotel he is traveling to and check out the food menu, gym facility within the hotel, or gyms in the area – some of our clients hate us for that ūüėõ

How long are the workout sessions at Club Fit? 

Workout sessions are 45 minutes to one hour one-on-one with your trainer, but the timing varies depending on the client and the program followed. Membership packages also varies depending on the client’s choice and needs – you basically pay for your sessions at the gym and a gym fee – this is how its done at Club Fit.

Talk to me about the client-trainer relation?

We go to extreme measures with our clients! Sometimes clients reach the parking lot, but are not up for a workout at the gym, again depending on the program and/or package, the trainer goes down to the client and suggest jogging outdoor instead of a workout routine at the gym if they have to do that to keep the motivation Рwe are very flexible, even when it comes to grocery shopping with clients (upon request) when it comes to buying the right items at the grocery store. We even sometimes recommend certain dishes at different restaurants that our clients frequent at, just to help them make better choices with the menus. Aside of training and sessions, we recommend supplementation to our clients Рit all varies depending on your goals! We have a bar at the entrance to mix protein smoothies and shakes for our clients either before or right after their sessions (usually after).

What happens when a client misses his session?

Clients must be precise when it comes to timing of their sessions at the gym and with trainers in order to keep it smooth and systematic for us at the club schedule. If a client misses a session without notifying us, he loses this session! That’s why we make them pay in advance so they have to come ūüėČ Since its an exclusive club, just like how we hand-pick our trainers, we also hand-pick our clients. We keep a certain standard – we maintain a systematic schedule, so the client must be serious about the membership and super committed. They must conform to their scheduled timings – which the client must be clear about from the beginning.

Tell me about your operating hours?

Our timing is 6:00AM to 10:00PM Sat-Thurs – we might try and push it to midnight if demand increases. Remember, in the end we are committed so you have to be committed as well, its all about lifestyle… you come in and work out, burn lots of calories… so stay committed outside the gym as well – always go for the right choices

I did not leave empty handed! I was given a goody bag with a branded T-Shirt and some supplements ūüėČ Very nice packaging, just like the club itself – Thank you guys ūüėČ



Club Fit is located in Sanabel – AlBabtain Tower in Sharq – Kuwait City and their telephone numbers are 2292 3144 – 9786 0004.



For more you can check out their website Р(LIKE) them on Facebook Рand follow them on Twitter @Clubfitkw for more updates.

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