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Dalalid Hijab Tutorial

طريقة لبس الحجاب من دلاليد – دلال الدوب YouTube

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Makeup Artist: Lisa Eldridge @Lisa_Eldridge

My Instagram friend @imsobeautifulq8 shared a link with me on Twitter linking to Lisa Eldridge website! She highly recommended that I follow her and check her tutorials, in which I did… and liked so much that I have decided to share with my … Continue reading

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Have You Met Talia Castellano? @TaliaJoy18 #YallaNow

I know she’s only 13 and some of you might think she’s too young to be wearing this much makeup and be a makeup artist at this age, but come on you guys! She is inspirational! She is living her … Continue reading

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The Many Faces of #Dope2111

My friend Um3azoz sent me this link to a page with a lady that transforms her look with makeup, and makeup onl! Oh the power of makeup…. One word: WOW!!! She has done a makeup transformation to look like Beyonce, … Continue reading

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@kandeejohnson 7 Steps to a Flawless Face

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t0nb0KqxnII (YouTube) Here is what she used: BEAUTY BLENDER MAKE-UP SPONGE- it makes the biggest difference!!! Link STEP#1 You can apply self-tanner. (optional) Moisturizer- any that you like! Lip Balm: I love TREAT BEAUTY, the OLD FASHIONED JUMBO SOFT CANDY … Continue reading

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Progressive.com Commercial a la Kandee

About a year ago, I posted about Kandee, the makeup artist I like so much from the States! Apparently, she was asked many many time to go for “Flo from the Progressive Commercials” from her readers – a character from … Continue reading

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