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كشك مبارك

في بداية هذا الإسبوع قررت أنا و صديقتي دانة إن نروح المباركية و كان كشك مبارك أول محطة لنا هناك Earlier this week, my friend Dana and I had some work to do in Mubarakiya, Mubarak Kiosk was our first … Continue reading

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Piece of Art

Do you know what this is? Yes, toothpicks…. lots and lots of them Piled together in a huge cube shape in one of the rooms in Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris Only four people are allowed at a time to view it! … Continue reading

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Amricani Cultural Centre @DAI_Kuwait

I was invited for the Bloggers Night at the newly soft opened Amricani Cultural Centre in Qibla, Kuwait City… of course I accepted and went with my friend Dana. I have few pictures (Instagram-ed) to share with you on this … Continue reading

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