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A @965Flowers Surprise with a @_LocalFlavor_

A while back, I have received a basket full of goodness! The Basket was from 965Flowers, surely prepared with love! A bouquet of flowers in red and pink, a combo I love by the way, muffins, cookies, some sort of … Continue reading

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@bustopcreative YouTube Channel

After posting the Qnet ad (link) I went ahead and checked out The Bus Stop YouTube channel for more videos and decided to share a few with you 😉 Red Mango Ramadan 2012 part 1 رد مانجو رمضان ٢٠١٢ الجزء ١ … Continue reading

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Marketing: Domestos Product Trial

I found Domestos bottle hanging on our door when I came home in the afternoon yesterday. It is a household bleach/cleaning product – nice way to market their products… what do you guys think?

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A Day at Senyar

“Senyar“ is the act of leading, assisting, and guiding! In the past, a “Senyar” would be the dhow in the front leading the fleet to their trip(s) in the sea, guiding them for the rest of their journey and is their to … Continue reading

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A Cup of…. Pink Coffee?

Pink Coffee! Well… it sure isn’t a drink! Pink Coffee is a Marketing & PR Company! They offer wide range of services meant to develop the local market and the region with innovative ideas, new concepts, and different approaches. They’re … Continue reading

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