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QR Codes @ElevationKW and #21Carrots

More than a year ago, I posted a link to Kuwaitism blog about using QR codes (link). Shortly after I posted about Maki Restaurant using QR codes on their business cards  (link). I thought it was a nice move… and hoped to see … Continue reading

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Maki’s QR Code Business Cards

It looks like Maki cards now QR (Quick Response) business cards that can be read by QR Code readers and smartphones! I like the fact that they are challenging the traditional designed business cards. When the QR code is decoded … Continue reading

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Facebook Vs. Google+

So… anyone on Google+ yet? Whadya guys think? Whats your input? Its Google’s fourth attempt at creating a social network, previous tools were orkut, Google Buzz, and Google Wave… Check out Q’s Take on Google+! Good read!

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