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Craving Sushi!!

I came across those @Tatami_Kuwait pictures I have taken few days before Ramadan! The last time I had sushi, almost a month back! It made me crave sushi so bad 😛 So don’t say I did not warn you! I have dined at … Continue reading

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@Froobie_ Delivers

Well… to the following areas anyways: Dasman, Sharq, Bneid AlGar, Qibla, Mirqab, Mansouriya, Qadsiya, Dai’iya, Abdullah AlSalem, Nuzha, Shamiya, Shuwaikh, Kaifan, Shaab, Khaldiya, Adailiya, Hawalli, Rawda, Qurtoba, Yarmouk, Surra, Jabriya, Faiha   Just call 22923754 – Orders can be taken … Continue reading

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@bustopcreative رد مانجو رمضان ٢٠١٢ الجزء ٢

The Bustop released Part II of their Red Mango TVC (for Part I check this post)! Its hilarious! I cannot wait for their last part of this “trilogy” ad 😛 httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nz5TGEBLpv4 (YouTube)   For more videos, click here! Twitter: @bustopcreative

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Ramadan 9th Dessert @MMCKuwait

سيقوم مطعم لونوتر – فرع شارع الخليج – بتقديم ٣٠ طبق من الحلويات خلال شهر رمضان المبارك. طبق خاص لكل يوم بإذن الله  It looks like Lenotre -Gulf Road- will be making a daily special of desserts during Ramadan, a … Continue reading

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The Real SimSimi’s Opinion on my Blog :P

@Danderma posted SimSimi’s opinion about blogs here! And he answered “naughty” when she asked him about “Ansam” 😛 Well well well… you have to be fair and add the word “blog” to each one and when you really ask him … Continue reading

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Seeing Double?

About a couple of weeks ago, Alnoury this picture on her instagram account للوهلة الأولى ممكن أن ترى أن هذين المنتجين من الآيس كريم ينتميان لنفس الشركة و لكن أحدهما منتج من كي دي دي و الاخر من كي دي كاو … Continue reading

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Dathra Vol. II Party @Danderma

Dear Danderma invited me along with other bloggers to a small cozy party at her place to launch her second book (link) – I tagged along with Um3azoz 😉 We were the last two to arrived and the expression on my face … Continue reading

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@shakeshack NY Style Hot Dog

Last week on one late afternoon, my sisters and I decided to have lunch at Shake Shack! I wanted to give their Hot Dog a try so I ordered the NY Style Hotdog The NY Style comes in simple and plain.. … Continue reading

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Happy National Ice Cream Day

Today, July 15th 2012, happens to be the National Ice Cream Day (third Sunday in July) – and for that I am going to have ice cream for all my meals today 😛

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New: Fusion at BK & Waffle Cones at McDo

I spotted two new items at Burger King and McDonald’s… just in time for summer 😉 BK Fusions – three kinds: Mango/Passion Fruit + Strawberry + Chocolate McDonald’s also introduced the Waffle Cones which comes with a chocolate, strawberry, or … Continue reading

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