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Happy National Ice Cream Day

Its National Ice Cream Day <3 اليوم العالمي للآيس كريم 

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Baskin Robbins FOM: Sugar & Spice

While I was doing my grocery shopping, I spotted the new flavor of the month for Baskin Robbins… Sugar & Spice, made with cinnamon, nutmeg, and other spices and mixed with blondish brownie chunks and vanilla cream! I am on … Continue reading

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Scoop a Cone in Dasma

I was at Scoop a Cone newest branch in Dasma earlier today, where I met with Razza and Mrs. Bibi AlQatami, the amazing person behind the social networks of AlKout Food Group. We chit-chat about many things while I sipped on their … Continue reading

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On Casual Breaks?

What do you do on casual breaks with your friends! The kind of breaks between errands, or a lazy morning… or when you just need a break? I usually go for a cup of coffee, and for added pleasure… ice … Continue reading

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Companies Going Blue Supporting #ALAZRAG

Love the spirit of some companies/businesses in Kuwait going blue in support of Kuwait National Team GO BLUE @madlyyours – Makeup – Blue eyeshadow @nailitspa – Salon & Nail Spa – Blue nail polish @scoop_a_cone – Ice Cream – Blue Bonbons … Continue reading

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The Gathering Bistro @GatheringKW

Last night, Sara N., DanaNafisi, and MeBlogging met at The Gathering Bistro for late lunch/early dinner Now earlier last November I was invited for the soft opening, but I was out of town and decided to go when I come … Continue reading

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Frozen Yogurt at Baskin Robbins is BACK

Every time I go shop in our local grocery store/Coop I almost always stop by Baskin Robbins to get my ice cream and/or check the flavor of the month that I post about every now and then! Yesterday the sales … Continue reading

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Baskin Robbins FOM: Honey Sesame Crunch

One of my home remedies when I am sick with flu and sore throat is eat lots of ice cream! Like I don’t do this on usual days LOL! Anyways, it really helps me for some reason! So anyways, after … Continue reading

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A Quiet Afternoon at Lino’s Coffee

One quiet afternoon earlier last week I went to Lino’s Coffee with my friend… we decided to go with a layered coffee drink on the menu – forgot the name, but we saw the picture and were like we want … Continue reading

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Island Shangri La NADAMAN

NADAMAN at Island Shangri La offers authentic Japanese food with signature dishes crafted with attention to details and presented nicely on your table! That’s what their website say at least! Mimmi and I decided to try it while we were visiting … Continue reading

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