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The Early Bird #ebpickme @theearlybirdkw

The Early Bird is having an Instagram competition @theearlybirdkw under the hashtag #ebpickme. They are basically asking their Instagram followers/fans/restaurant visitors to hashtag their pictures with #ebpickme along with The Early Bird related picture(s) they take at their restaurants. They will pick … Continue reading

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Green Yummies

A while back I was sent a basket full of “Green” yummies from Talal & Abdulwahab of GreenYummies Green Yummies bring to Kuwait some of the top US brands in the manufacturing of organic and natural products in an aim … Continue reading

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For Old Times’ Sake – Home Cooked Dinner Pictures

I used to post random pictures of home cooked dinners we have at home, and I honestly haven’t done that in a while! My sisters and I tend to make themed dinners for our gatherings, so around Cinco de Mayo … Continue reading

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#Quinoa Help?

I love Quinoa! The taste, texture, health benefits… I mean what’s not to like? Right?? So help me out here and share some of your recipes with me 😉 I will be trying out different recipes and posting them on … Continue reading

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Dr. Oz (Heart) Almond Butter @DrOz @Natureland_kw

Dr. Oz always talks about the benefits of Almond Butter on his show. He even gave a simple home recipe to make your own. Anyways… I got almond butter from Nature Land because he highly recommended it, and cashew butter called … Continue reading

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iSandwich, youSandwich, We All Sandwich ;) @isandwichq8

Not too long ago, a friend of my and I were discussing sandwich places… when I remembered that I have reviewed iSandwich on my Instagram a while back but not on my blog….. it is never too late 😉 right? … Continue reading

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Behind The Scenes with KFC @kfcarabia and @Cinemagics

Last month I posted a sneak peek of an upcoming TVC for a famous company (link) that Cinemagics invited me to attend, and today I am giving you more of the “Behind the Scenes” pictures of that TVC directed by … Continue reading

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At Dubai’s Tim Hortons @TimHortonsUAE

While in Dubai, I stopped by Tim Hortons Cafe & Bake Shop on Sheikh Zayed Rd. في زيارتي السابقة لدبي قمت بتجربة  كافيه تيم هورتونس على شارع الشيخ زايد لقربه من محل إقامتي. سمعت الكثير عن قهوتهم الأكثر من رائعة و … Continue reading

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New Blog Sponsor @MakiRest

I would like to welcome Maki, as a new blog sponsor to Ansam518 As you all may know by now, I have established relationship (an emotional one too) with the restaurant since their first branch in Salmiya 10 years ago … Continue reading

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Pizza Express… to Take Away @Talabat

Why do I like Pizza Express? Well, for quite a number of reasons! First of all, convenient location that is close to my area of residence, or in this post fast delivery through Talabat. Check out the packaging! I love it <3 … Continue reading

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