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I visited BYND72 Adidas in Dubai Design District last month. It is basically an open source community space designed to promote collaboration among the creative community. زرت مكان إسمه بي واي أن دي 72 أديداس في منطقة دبي ديزاين ديستريكت الشهرالماضي. المكان عبارة … Continue reading

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Eid AlFitr Preparations – End Result

As promised in my Eid AlFitr Preparations post, I am sharing today the final look of my Eidiya this year! مثل ما وعدتكم في بوست سابق (اضغط هنا) اليوم بشارككم طريقة مبتكرة و بسيطة لتقديم العيدية What you’ll need Envelopes from Dar … Continue reading

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Eid AlFitr Preparations

Every now and then, I try to give Eidiya (Eid money giveaways) in a creative way (Check this post). I look for nice envelopes, seals, and sometimes mini gifts to go along with it. This year I bought an Eid … Continue reading

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Free Coffee & False Advertising

While in London last year, I stopped by Spitalfields Market السنة الماضية بـ لندن رحت سوق سبيتالفيلدز I passed by this eye-catching display ad for coffee… Free Coffee & False Advertising لفتت انتباهي دعاية مبتكرة مكتوب عليها… قهوة مجانية و … Continue reading

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What’s Your Take on Salhiyah Clinic Ads? @SalhiyahClinic

Interested to know your opinion about Salhiyah Clinic Ads? We are getting mixed reviews and opinions about them! What do I think? Well, I think they are new, bold, creative, and self explanatory… A picture is really worth a thousands words … Continue reading

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Kobi Levi Funky Shoes @Selfridges

While in London last November, I stopped by Kobi Levi pop-up boutique at their Shoe Gallery after my little sister Amoona asked me to check their crazy, funky, and unique style shoes! I could not help but think, how crazy are … Continue reading

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Have a Burger & Eat the Wrapper Too

My friend sent me this link to a video with the title “Now You Can Have Your Burger–And Eat the Wrapper, Too”   في البرازيل، و بالتحديد في سلسلة مطاعم بوبس للبرغر، قاموا بتصنيع أغلفة سندويشات قابلة للأكل كخطوة إيجابية … Continue reading

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@FleurKw Floral Invitation

I have received a floral invitation – a very very pretty one – from Fluer Flower Shop in Nuzha Coop inviting me for the opening of their second branch in Yarmouk today The invitation came in with beautiful flower arrangement of roses … Continue reading

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Thank You @PLTQ8

October took me by storm with all those nice events and my health condition all together (link) that I missed out on so many events, but I needed the rest and energy regain before going to Hajj… nevertheless, I could … Continue reading

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Creative Electricity Advertising

With all the awareness mass messages we are receiving from MEW on our mobile phones, I came to think… why not be creative in advertising such cause? Check out those different and creative advertising outdoor billboards and ads   Are we ready? … Continue reading

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