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My @GTHydroQ8 Basil Bloomed

On June 5th, 2012 I started my #AeroGarden (link) 😉 And a couple of days ago I posted on my Instagram a couple of pictures of my blooming basils, which is a sign that my basils are shutting down and started the … Continue reading

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@GTHydroQ8 Gourmet Herbs Salad

Last June I got an AeroGarden as a gift from @GTHydroQ8 and they gave me different kits! I started with the Gourmet Herbs! I have been enjoying my herbs in making salads, herbal teas, cooking, or simply used as a garnish! … Continue reading

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My AeroGarden @GTHydroQ8 Crops – Basils

About a month ago, I got a gift from (link) And now I am enjoying some of its crops 😉 Basil With soup And Spaghetti More pictures to come 😉 Stay tuned   You can know more about them by … Continue reading

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@GTHydroQ8 : AeroGarden

تم إرسال هدية لي من شركة جرين تاتش هيدروبونيكس عبارة عن حديقة زراعية صغيرة مع بعض البذور لزراعتها بهذا الجهاز من غير تربة و لكن عن طريق الماء و مواد غذائية مضافة للماء! إخترت زراعة الأعشاب كبداية لي و ساقوم … Continue reading

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Aero Garden

While visiting a friend’s office I spotted this!!!! I could not help but wonder what it was… so after five minutes I finally asked! “What is this? Are those HUGE Basil leaves? And my friend said yes they are… he … Continue reading

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