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If Your Cooking Pan on Stove Catches Fire….

كيف تتعامل مع الزيت أذ أشتعل بالمطبخ إذا إحترق و اشتعل القدر على النار… لا داعي للذعر. كل ماعليكم القيام به هو  إطفاء الموقد  بل قطعة قماش تحت الماء  تغطية المقلاة بقطعه القماش  الانتظار حتى تبرد لا تقم أبدا بشطف الماء … Continue reading

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Spotted: Stuck in Traffic?

Spotted this car few days ago in Shamiya – I stopped to snap a couple of pictures! #ParkingFail

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The Attack on 360’s Orange Glass Hanging Art Piece

You know the two hanging glass art pieces at 360Mall I posted about before (link)? Well…. it looked like someone attacked the orange piece! Some irresponsible guy threw his crocs at it earlier, which resulted in shattered glass over shoppers … Continue reading

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