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Starbucks KENYA Coffee

قبل يومين تكلمت عن كذا نوع من أنواع القهوة في ستاربكس على سناب چات، و وصلتني تعليقات كثيرة جدا عن قهوة كينيا تزعم أن هذا النوع من القهوة يحتوي على على الكحول/النبيذ. أخذت العلبة و بدأت بالبحث عن المكونات، فوجدت وصف … Continue reading

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Meeting Thomas Keller

I was honored today to meet Chef Thomas Keller, the first and only American-born chef to hold multiple three-star ratings from the prestigious Michelin Guide (Total of seven stars). The chefs who enjoys cooking French but enjoys eating Japanese more. … Continue reading

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Good Witch – Mini Review

With all the shows I’m watching… zombies, Sci-Fi, the world coming to an end, the future, crimes, and what’s not, The Good Witch is fresh breeze! It’s like watching a dreamy version of Gilmore Girls! Fabulous mother-daughter relationship between Cassie … Continue reading

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Terazzo at Alshaheed Park

If you are in the mood for a hearty brunch in a serene atmosphere, drop by Terazzo! The restaurant is located at the end of Phase I of AlShaheed Park – next to The Martyr glass sculpture , and is … Continue reading

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Eid Adha Mubarak

عيدكم مبارك و عساكم من عواده  و هذي عيديتكم مني Thank you BrainStem for the beautiful artwork 

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Q8 Grand Limo Service

I was happy when my dear friend Sheikha AlAjran told me about this Uber-like service in Kuwait, specially when I needed it the most (I have a broken toe + our driver is on vacation) and decided to try it … Continue reading

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Pure Breakfast

For a quick breakfast in London with a very hearty bowl of protein go to Pure! They prep and cook throughout the day according to a time table, serving quick but fresh meals! On a very busy day, and when … Continue reading

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Raju Omlet – Alkarama

I enjoy having breakfast with Amal (my relative in Dubai) whenever I’m in town! We’d go from fancy shmancy to drive-thrus and quick bites… I told her I wanted to try Raju’s Omlet and she suggested we go to the … Continue reading

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Cooking a la Pantry Bee Way

Pantry Bee is one of the small businesses I’ve tried and loved (and got addicted to it too)! It is run by a young group of three Kuwaiti entrepreneurs with a love for cooking and sharing recipes! The idea was inspired by Blue … Continue reading

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Sheraton Dubai Creek Hotel

Last December I went to Dubai with my dad and stayed in Deira, the older part of Dubai (click here) at The Sheraton Dubai Creek. My dad is a Starwood’s Preferred Guest (SPG), and he’s been staying in this hotel whenever … Continue reading

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