My Panamera Experience

Earlier about a month back, I have received the New Panameras catalog from Porsche Behbehani called “Thrilling Conditions”.

I was not asked to post about it or anything… I just did because I liked the content and pictures! I even left it at home as a coffee table book for whomever wanted to check!

With a simple caption on one of my Instagram pictures of this catalog, I wrote “Would love to check them out soon”… Just to receive an email shortly after from Rawan Farhat of BPG Cohn & Wolf telling me that my wish got granted… in her exact words: “Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it all”. Rawan had arranged with Porsche Kuwait to allow me to test drive a Panamera for a couple of days, on a weekend! I was so excited.

It happened all so fast! I went to the dealership about a week after my post to find the receptionist waiting for me with the key and a USB press kit

After some paperwork… signing, and the works, I headed to my weekend Panamera V6

I got it in one of my favorite colors… it is technically called the Yachting Blue

My baby (will temporarily baby anyways) was at home and I was ready to test drive it! The key is a mini Panamera like, with the same exact color! The simplest details can make up for bigger things! Joy 😉

A spacious car compared to my two-doors car, I am actually liking the four-doors now! It’s a mix between sports car, family car, luxurious, spacious, and a bit of devilish too… in a good way that is 😉

Stay tuned for more to come on my experience with the Panamera V6 😉 As this is just the beginning! If you are looking for more for now… check a previous post about my Porsche Road Show experience from back in 2010 (click here)

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