Kiehl’s Closing Down Tomorrow @The_Avenues

Sadly Kiehl’s Kuwait branch at The Avenues will be closing down tomorrow! I have no idea if another company is taking over or is it a goodbye for good Kiehls 🙁


متجر كيلز في الأفنيوز المرحلة الثانية سيغلق ابوابه غدا و ماعندي فكرة إذا في شركة ثانية أخذت وكالة المحل. أنا رحت قبل يومين و شريت لي كذا شغلة! في وايد اشياء غير موجودة للأسف. اللي حاب يلحق ترى باجر آخر يوم لهم

I have been a customer before it opened in Kuwait and did a full shop review when it opened in The Avenues few years back (link)

I passed by earlier this week to stock on my favorite items…. sadly most of which were already sold out 🙁

If you are a customer… hurry up and go get your favorite items while they last


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