#EasyCookingAnsamFulla Rice Pudding

While shopping at Dean & Deluca in The Avenues the other day, I saw some Rice Pudding mixtures in glass bottle, the packaging is what attracted me more to buy some! They look like milk bottles we see in the movies…

و أنا أتسوق في دين عند ديلوكا في الأفنيوز تشوقت أجرب الرز باللبن الجاهز. تلقونه متوفر بأربع نكهات: الكراميل و الفانيلا و الورد و الشوكولا. .. 

There were four flavors; Chocolate Caramel, Vanilla, Rose, and Triple Chocolate

المهم أنا شريت كل النكهات إلا  الكراميل و جربت الورد أمس… الطريقة سهلة! نفرغ المحتويات بقدر و نضيف لتر حليب بارد يطبخ مع بعض حتى الغليان و بعدين على نار هادئة مع التحريك المستمر بين فترة و فترة لمدة ٤٠ دقيقة… الطعم كان لذيذ و إن شاء الله أجرب النكهات الثانية

I bought three out of the four to try out… Check the packaging! Now you know what I mean! Its a bottle filled with goodness! I could not resist buying lol

The Vanilla, Rose, and Triple Chocolate ones 😉 I passed on the Caramel

So yesterday I started with the Rose one! The instruction is on the packaging! Simple & straight to the point. Pour the mixture in a saucepan, add one liter of cold milk, bring to boil, then cook on low heat for 40 minutes, stirring frequently… and you’re done 😉

شوفو الفيديو و الصور على حسابي بالإنستغرام مع إختي فله 

With this one, the aroma was a killer! I was in the kitchen with my sister Fulla… who was helping me taking pictures and videos for my Instagram followers, and were going hmmm hmmm of the smell in the kitchen

One bottle was enough to fill nine of the very small bowls we have at home! I am guessing it will be enough to fill four to six small normal size bowls! The taste? Really good! I cant wait to try the other flavors

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