Sweet Boutique

Its been a while since I have last posted about something new that I have tried… and last night we had a gathering at my sister’s house, in which one of her guest brought in desserts from a place called Sweet Boutique

What grabbed our attention first was the packaging! Little jars covered with different red & white cloth along with a note on each, and wooden spoons on the side! Very country-like… I love well presented food, it counts for half of the experience if not more

I did not have my camera on me, so excuse my iPad pictures… plus everyone else around me trying to take pictures of it since it was too good to be resisted!

The flavors varied between oreos, creamy, chocolatey, and berrylicious! I thought the berries one was the most beautiful looking on of all, though I took a spoonful of each flavor, a bit heavy for my taste, so its good to share and the taste is good too 😉 Specially for those with a sweet tooth 😉

To order, text or AhatsApp them on 60691912 – another thing I do not like, since sometimes I prefer to call and inquire rather than save the number, refresh, wait for them to appear on my list, and WhatsApp… but its worth the try 😉 Delivery charge is KD2 – You can follow them on Instagram @sweetboutiquekw for more pictures and updates

أمس كنا متجمعين في بيت إختي و وحدة من صديقاتها فاجئتنا بنوع من الحلو… ممكن الحلو نكون مجربينه بأماكن ثانية بس طريقة التقديم شدتني و جذبتني. أنواع مختلفة من الحلو مقدمة بغراش تشبه المربى بطريقة حلوة جدا. كل غرشة عليها غطى قماش باللونين الأحمر و الأبيض مع نوتة و ملاعق خشب تعطيكم الإيحاء إنكم بريف فرنسي. أنا جربت كذا نوع و هالنوع من الحلو شوي ثقيل فتشاركنا فيهم. أكثر واحد يازلي اللي بنكهة التوت المشكل. ممكن تطلبون منهم عن طريق المسج أو الواتساب 60691912 – التوصيل بدينارين – و تشوفون حسابهم على الإنستاغرام


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