#ProjectConcrete First Pop-Up Art Gallery

I was sent an interesting invite to attend a pop-up art gallery held in a concrete, unfinished house, in Shamiya! I knew this was a “not to be missed” kind of event, and since I missed the opening, I made sure to pass by and check it out before they leave the very next day with my friend Farah

I must admit that they made use of the place in a very inviting way! The feel of the unfinished house, that is being built, with the art pieces of May AlSaad together were a great combo! You know… a still house, in the process, with colors and lively drawings and art pieces, with the background music! It was all done very nicely

Most pictures were infused with music and performance somehow… dancing, famous stars performing, neon color infusion, with some classical touches here and there

The decoration was nothing less than fitting! The books used on display, the old radios…. they must have put in a lot of thought for such event

Om Kalthoum <3

See what I mean with “LIVELY” pictures! Festive and full of colors

I really enjoyed it… thank you Project Concrete for inviting me, and having this event open to the public, passersby, and art fans to enjoy such fresh and new ideas of art galleries – Follow them @projectconcrete on Instagram for more

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