Class of Chairs 2013 @capkuwait #ClassOfChairs2013

CAP Kuwait held an exhibition a couple of days ago called Class of Chairs 2013, a design project by Aseel AlYaqoub, Jassim AlSaddah, and Yousef Mehdari

As they explained, its a satirical commentary on the different stereotypical characters found in school life. The chairs you see in the exhibition are literal adaptation of the different students you see in school… with each chair representing and individual persona. The chair template used in the exhibition was based on the classical 1950s European school chair! The work on this project took them a year to finish, and by them I mean the three architects behind this exhibition; Aseel AlYaqout, Jassim AlSaddah, and Yousef AlMehdari

The vandalized chair! Really funny

The different kinds of chairs… with simple additions – nice work

The eco-friendly chair

The tall chair

The One That Everyone Use chair

Love seeing different and fresh ideas for events in Kuwait… Well done guys 😉 If you still wanna pass by, today is the last day of the exhibition, and you can drop by between 9:30PM to 11:30PM


For more on CAP, you can check their website but its not as updated as their Instagram @capkuwait and Twitter @capkuwait – So follow them to get more updates on their events

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