Behind The Scenes @SalhiyahClinic TVC

Razza and I were both invited to the behind the scenes of Salhiya Clinic Ramadan TVC shooting and it was so much fun 😉 I cannot say much now but I will let the pictures do the talking

تمت دعوتي من قبل شركة سنيار و كل من الغالية رزان الروضان و الدكتور ضرار الحميدي لحضور تصوير الإعلان التلفزيوني لعيادة الصالحية و الذي سيتم عرضه في رمضان. تجربة ممتعة استمتعت أنا و صديقتي سندس من مدونة رزة كثيرا – الإعلان برأيي سيكون أكثر من رائع و ممتع و الممثلين الذين تم إختيارهم للإعلان يتحلون بروح عالية من الفكاهة و الكاريزما… حبيت أريج التي أضافة روح شبابية حلوة للإعلان – أترككم مع الصور

Makeup Makeup Makeup

And final touches of makeup

Let the fun begins

Director Khaled AlRifaie on set

He was involved in all the details – very dedicated

Almost there

And here is Sara AlMuhanna, the Art Director, on set… checking with the director the colors, theme, and details

I must say that the model they picked, Areej, is full of charisma and fun to work with! She is so funny and a fast learner

Her comedic expressions added a lot to the TVC! Loved her

Duck Face anyone? LOL

What is she up to???

And our second model…. nice teeth in person, but with magical makeup touched from the fabulous makeup artist… they looked so bad LOL

And Sara AlMuhanna is personally involved with the staff into assembling the decorative pieces

Can’t wait for you guys to see the full TVC in Ramadan

Thank You Ms. Razan AlRoudan and Dr. Dherar AlHumaidi + Senyar Marketing & PR (Fatma xoxo) for inviting me to the set <3 I really enjoy shooting behind the scenes.


Salhiya Clinic

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And thank you Senyar for having us on set <3 Love your work

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