Things to Consider Before You Pass a Judgment

I posted a picture of me having fun with a lion cub at the office from more than a year ago on my Instagram account! I reposted it a few days ago because I was talking about “Fun Times”, “Memorable Moments”, and “Live in the Moment” kinda pictures! My only mistake is that I did not state why the lion was in our office (some info can be found here) I will admit to that… did I think it was cute and fun? Yes I did because it is cute and fun! That cub was beyond cute <3 Do I encourage others to have wild animals as pets? NO! I dont!!



So okay… maybe I should have clarified that – but I am only a human, and it slipped my mind… few hours later I am getting notifications on someone else’s account, that they posted a picture of me… with notifications that reads “Animal Cruelty” – “Shame on You Ansam” – “Famous Blogger”! I was shocked! I checked that picture and apparently the user took a screen shot of my picture, showing my face, and falsely accusing me of being cruel to animals!! I saw some sad faces and harsh comments and I was so upset! Why would she do something like that? I am NOT cruel to animal nor did I advertise for it intentionally! I asked her to remove my picture immediately! She would just give me conditions in order for her to remove it! Do I repost pictures of public accounts? Yes I do, but those pictures with their personal pictures in them, I always ask first. And when I repost is because the material is worth sharing, not to state my own false negative and wrong accusations! This can hurt someone badly!!! I always like to make sure of my sources and info before I post something publicly! Common courtesy



I was so upset that I asked my followers whether I can legally ask her to remove it – I just wanted to know my legal rights guys – One of my followers/commentors, who happen to be from the royal family here left me a comment that I should not be upset and he rather I do NOT take things legally and just let it be! He was so nice and CLEAR about it – he said we can report this pic as it is ruining my reputation! That what REALLY happened! He never encouraged me to take legal actions, and I never told her remove or I will sue!!!



I thought why not be the bigger person here, so I listened to one of her conditions and posted a “PS” note under that picture, in which she was nice enough to come and apologize and said it meant so much to her! I thought we were done! I changed my mind, this lady is really passionate about what she do, she accused me falsely but finally understood me… so we reached a common ground. Boy was I wrong!!! She posted a note on Instagram again, but this time not mentioning me or tagging me… or showing my face, but stating that a “Famous Kuwaiti Blogger…..” I decided to let it go, and not comment. But I knew she was still at it and telling people about me without mentioning me (tagging) me because I came across an interesting conversation on Twitter for people looking for that “Famous Kuwaiti Blogger… Ansam” – I joined in the conversation to realize that this isn’t ending! They convinced me nicely to post a note – a fresh new one stating that I do not support having wild animals as pets, and I did post that! See how easy it is to get someone to do something nice and for a good cause without pointing fingers and throw in false accusations!???!



So what now? She wrote a few posts about me or related to me and the lion cub incident, spreading more and more rumors (on her Facebook Page)! She said I threaten her legally and that I will sue her if she does not remove my picture. She took it even further when she accused me of tagging a member of the ruling family in Kuwait asking for wasta! I was beyond shocked! It’s one of a two! She did not really understand all those clear comments and interpret them the way she want or she is just a drama queen, she feeds on this and enjoy all this drama that came out of nowhere! He just happen to comment and he was against any legal actions! LOL! I mean come on dear… read well, before you judge! Check with me why I posted this picture before passing harsh judgment! Dont accuse me and that Sheikh of nothing we did! He did not say that!



Now the ladies I talked to on Twitter were more civilized and talked to me about what they liked and did not like.. They pointed out the mistakes we both made, and I took it with open mind and heart! Why? They asked me why I did it, and what I should have done, before going around and pointing fingers at me! One of them even asked me to talk to the lady who created all this mumble but I do not think I can talk to her when she is too emotional and too judgmental! When she is spreading all those rumors about me! I cannot reason with someone like that! Oh and now she is saying she wanna close her page and site because she is put down and feels shes alone in this! I mean stop the drama! I cannot stop you from what you love or like! Can I? I am not an animal hater, I just happen to post a picture without full info! And I still think that cub is cute (KAIFI)!



Now I took time to post all this – But I am sick of this subject and I hope it ends! I hope people think of human rights and feelings too! Yes we have feelings and we have rights! We are adults, and we should talk nicely to each other. We should not point fingers to feel good about ourselves or show that we are passionate about a cause! We should also get full info before passing a judgment that can hurt someone’s reputation badly! And to you Lady (I am not gonna mention her name or links to any of her social networks) I hope you enjoy your vacation and try to cool down… think of what you accused me of, go check my comments and see what I said clearly and what the Sheikh said! NONE of us threaten to sue you or put your family in danger! Life is cool with less drama 😉 Try it – and come back safely and more passionately about your cause without all the drama and false accusations please!!!!!!

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