@The_Avenues Prestige Boutiques Windows

Loving almost all the windows of the boutiques at The Prestige part of The Avenues Mall 😉 The Baribie Dolls like mannequins in Dior Boutique! A life-size and a tiny one, gives you Alice in Wonderland feeling with all those doors

And Louis Vuitton Balloons! Following their campaign from end of last year! As per their YouTube channel:



Paris and its mysteries… For centuries, the most wonderful intrigues have been woven in the Louvre, a haven of culture and history. An intrepid young woman enters this universal temple and unwinds the skein of time. After an encounter with the Mona Lisa and the Italian masters, armed with a key, she releases the secrets — also desired by a man hot on her heels — enclosed for more than 150 years in a legendary trunk created by Louis Vuitton. Like a thread stretching across time and space, a hot-air balloon rises above the Cour Carrée. The beautiful unknown woman leaves the Louvre for a far-off destination in pursuit of her destiny.

I was not there on a quiet hour, and could not take more pictures of others windows, but planning to do so soon 😉

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