The Making of an Elevation Burger ;) @ElevationKW

So, I received this documented trip pictures along with the story earlier yesterday by email! I read it and thought it was worth sharing with my readers along with my own comments 🙂 Enjoy reading it – Thanks AlZainah 😉


Early this June a group of young Kuwaitis, consisted of Elevation Burger Kuwait team and others, took an adventurous trip to Australia to witness the “behind the scenes” of Elevation Burger. Little did they know, they were in for a one of a kind experience.

They were taken to a beautiful open air farm that spread across an area two times the size of Kuwait! These farms fed the healthy grass-fed cows with native and naturally grown plants, independently grown from rainwater, with no irrigation, fertilization or pesticides.

And I see familiar faces here 😉 Hello Ali & Abdulaziz 😀

As opposed to the common “corn-fed” method today, which Hans Hess (Elevation Burger CEO) had explained to me when I interviewed him here, grass-fed beef contains higher levels of healthy fatty-acids (Omega 3) and overall tastes fresher.  If you’ve seen the “INGREDIENTS MATTER” slogan on Elevation Burger packaging, well…. this is the meaning behind it. Not only is this essential to maintain a healthier lifestyle as human beings, but it is inevitably environmentally sustainable. With a 100% organic, grass-fed, and free-range cows, they’ve managed to raise the bar as an all natural business within a fast-consuming world. They donate waste olive oil for conversion into bio-diesel which is used as auto-fuel, recycle in-store waste, and use as high-post consumer content paper products. The Elevation cows live a very calm life; drinking natural water and receiving no growth hormones, this reflects directly on the high quality of the beef.

Another essential part of the process is the slaughtering. The grass fed Elevation Burger cows are slaughtered at their prime age of 3-4 years. The group was amazed by the detailed hygiene standards that the slaughterhouse went by. All persons to enter the place are forced to go under full cleansing, from top to bottom. The place was spotlessly sterile and was an impressive and reassuring sight. With that said, Elevation beef is pure organic beef, making it the safest and cleanest available to consumers.

Another familiar face 😉 Hi Khalid 😀

As you can see, a very significant part of the inspection was the application of Halal practices. Our team was delighted, as there was a Muslim staff at the slaughterhouse to perform Islamic slaughter. The location even had a prayer room, and this pleasant revelation left them proud and in the best spirits.

So the next time you bite into a juicy Elevation Burger at any of the three branches in Kuwait (The Avenues – AlHamra – Menus), remember that ingredients truly do matter 😉 Enjoy!

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